Our strategy for continuous growth

New markets

We are constantly exploring new business opportunities in the international market environment and expanding our operations into new competitive target markets.

Broaden the product portfolio

We create new services in our product portfolio based on our customers’ needs. Thanks to our ever-evolving technology, we are able to provide financial services worldwide, for example our Mastercard digital credit cards.

Adaptation to new markets

We develop our product portfolio based on the needs of each target market. This includes adapting the services to meet the local demand and regulations of different countries.


We develop our business and increase our market share through acquisitions. These strategic business decisions help us to achieve economies of scale and create an internationally renowned brand. Our market position has strengthened during the pandemic which has allowed us to identify and consider several potential acquisitions.

Short term focus areas

Adapting our operations to the current business environment

We will focus our operations in foreign markets and increase the offering of our Mastercard credit card services. Through these actions, our business aims for higher profitability.

Improving efficiency and profitability

We will focus on creating an efficient cost structure and decreasing the cost of debt financing.

Improving solvency

We will focus on frontloading our existing debt and replacing our financial instruments with more affordable options.

High technology innovations as a base for rapid growth

As a financial technology company, our goal is to create and develop innovative digital financial solutions to improve our customers’ everyday life. 

To achieve this goal, we have developed a technology-driven business model that is scalable and profitable. This model also allows us to enjoy profitable cost structure and enables the ability to quickly respond to changes occurring in the market environment. 

Since establishment, our technology has played a key role in the growth of the company as well as in achieving a strong market position in the fintech industry. Moreover, the technological approach contributes to our fast growth and scalable business in international markets now and in the future.

Corporate responsibility at the heart of our strategy

The basis of our strategy is to create responsible financial services for investors, service providers, and individual consumers. Responsible operations are also the key condition for the company’s long-term growth. As a financial services provider we acknowledge the importance of responsible lending and take it very seriously. In order to provide responsible financial services, our service portfolio provides transparent cost structure as well as terms of service. In addition, we cooperate with the Financial Supervisory Authority.