Virtual GF VISA

As a company operating in the financial technology sector, our goal is to continuously develop digital financial services that make our customers' daily lives easier. That is why we developed a virtual GF VISA credit card that allows our customers to easily make online purchases and carry the credit card conveniently on their phone. As a GF VISA credit cardholder, you are entitled to many benefits such as:

  • Credit limit up to € 3,000
  • No separate annual fee
  • No separate PIN

Credit card for everyday use

An easy-to-use virtual credit card guarantees flexible and secure payment online as well as while using different applications. Whether you order food online, stream movies, or shop for products online, you are most likely required to use a credit card as a payment method. In addition, credit cards serve as a flexible and secure payment method for travel bookings and international payments.


Apply for a VISA credit card online

Applying for a VISA credit card is quick and easy. After filling out an electronic application on our website, you will typically receive a decision within minutes.