By developing strategic partnerships with local financial institutions and banks in our international target markets, GF continues to strengthen its position as one of the leading fintech service providers in the industry.

Our services and company infrastructure provide flexible financial solutions for our customers in international markets while taking into account financial regulations specific to each country. We operate locally in each market with local experts in order to ensure that our products and services always serve our customers in an easy and flexible way.

As an international fintech services provider, our products and services are widely available in various markets.

Learn more about our current markets and local financial services solutions below.


Originally established in Finland, GF Money has seen a rapid growth in its home market since the company was founded. The service portfolio includes a wide range of financial services for both companies and consumers. In addition, GF Money works closely with a number of different financial service providers. In Finland, we serve our customers under the Lainasto brand. In 2020, we introduced a new virtual credit card to our product range.

Our goal is to constantly develop digital financial services that make our customers' daily lives easier. To achieve this goal, we have created a technology-driven business model that is both scalable and profitable.


GF Money Sweden has been operating in Sweden since 2007 under various financial brands and has served over 200,000 satisfied customers providing digital financial services for more than 135 million euros. From the start, the cornerstone for the company’s success in the Swedish market has been the agile and flexible business processes that keep fueling the company’s growth. Since the early years of operations, GF Money was among the first credit companies in Sweden to significantly reduce the time needed to apply for a loan and loan processing time compared to traditional banks.

In Sweden, GF Money focuses on providing flexible financial products to the consumer market. Our competitiveness relies on services such as a flexible line of credit. A flexible line of credit allows our customers for an easy payment method for everyday use. The repayment of credit is flexible and tailored to the customer's unique needs.


In 2017, GF Money opened its business in Denmark and has ever since offered its customers flexible overdraft facilities in the market.

The company’s focus is always in providing its customers with flexible and convenient financial services based on their individual needs. GF Money’s services include features such as payment-free months, reduced monthly installments, and increased credit limit. To support automatic credit decision-making, we use data from official sources such as consumer tax and income information.


GF Money Spain has been operating in the Spanish market since January 2021 under the Dinevo brand. During the first year of operation, they have grown significantly in the market and have already served more than 5,000 customers and provided finances for more than 1.5 million euros.

The strategic partnership with Dinevo has helped GF Money to create competitive financial services in the Spanish market. The goal is to provide consumers with the best financial services in the industry together with the most competitive pricing. The competitive advantage is largely earned through the fast processing times and the agility of the services enabled by the industry’s top technology. Customers are provided with the best service experience by constantly simplifying processes. Thanks to the agile processes, the services are offered at risk-based pricing and low handling fees.

In addition to our current target markets, we are constantly exploring new potential markets to accelerate GF Money’s international growth.