Corporate responsibility

As a company operating and providing services in the financial sector, responsible lending is the foundation of all of our business operations and an important driver for the company’s long-term sustainable growth.

Making a difference with a long-term focus

We are committed to responsible business operations with a long-term focus. As a financial services provider, we take responsible lending and investing seriously. We are aware of the challenges taking place in the financial industry and therefore, as one of the leading companies in the field, we want to be part of driving the change and building responsible financial services.

We strongly believe that providing responsible financial services is a critical part of the growth of our business now and in the future.

We care for our clients by minimizing their risks and ensuring that the terms and cost structures of our services are transparent to investors, companies, and private consumers.

We work with the Financial Supervisory Authority to build a service environment that serves the interests of both our customers and financial service providers.

Responsible investing

In addition to developing responsible business, we are committed to responsible investing. Our goal is to offer our investors the opportunity to be involved in building sustainable financial technology. Technology that transforms the lives of millions of people and brings easy-to-use digital financial services available to everyone.

We regularly report to investors on our company's operations and future business plans to ensure the transparency of our business.

Financial supervision

GF Money Oy operates as a registered operator under the Regional State Administrative Agency of Southern Finland.

Responsible lending

Responsabile business operations set the base for everything that we do. We offer our customers responsible financial services and lending in each of our operating areas. In practice, this can be seen in our transparent cost structures, which have been created to prevent the risk of our customers' payment difficulties or over-indebtedness. In addition, we do not engage in aggressive marketing tactics or communications. While providing our services, we always ensure that our clients have a full understanding of the repayment plan as well as the cost structure when they become our customers.

The privacy and security of our customers are the foundation of all of our services. GF Money technology has been developed to maintain effective information management systems as required by GDPR and other laws and regulations. Our services are designed to protect our customers' information and we use strong authentication methods.