We are a financial company with a focus on customers and constantly evolving financial technology

GF Money Consumer Finance’s business is based on scalable processes and technology. Our technology-driven business model allows for maximal efficiency and minimal cost structure.

Our constantly evolving technology ensures that our customers enjoy the best digital financial services on the market.

Agile technology and a light organizational structure allow us to rapidly respond to changes in consumer demand and the market environment.

Our strong competitive position in the fintech sector has made us an internationally renowned brand.

Our foundation for future growth

The strengths that guide us in day-to-day operations and set us apart from the competition

Automated processes

The automated processes of our technology and the continuous development of the interface guarantee our customers a seamless service now and in the future.

Advanced data analytics

We are a data-driven company. By running our business with data, we can identify changes in the market environment and consumer demand in real-time.

Agile operating model

Our light organizational structure and carefully selected partners enable our agile operations and quick response to changes.

Strong expertise and international know-how

With a strong international team equipped with deep market knowledge and experience, we can quickly adapt our business to meet the demand of our target markets.